The Classic Kir Royal

The Kir Royale cocktail is a timeless and sophisticated French beverage originating from Dijon, Bourgogne. The best part is that It can be effortlessly prepared with just two ingredients. It not only boasts complex and captivating flavors but also possesses a visually stunning appearance. In recent times, Kir Royales have experienced a revival in popularity, partly due to a TV show featuring an American girl in Paris. However, the true appeal of these cocktails lies in their delightful taste.

For years, they have been a classic for us at Andre Delorme, as a Cremant de Bourgogne pioneer, we love the fact that this simple cocktail will transport you to the enchanting atmosphere of France with just a single sip. Despite their seemingly simple ingredient list, Kir Royales offer a rich and profound flavor profile that is sure to impress. It’s time to bring out your most exquisite flutes or a tall wine glass !

Ingredients :

  • Crème de Cassis : This liqueur, infusion of blackcurrants, possesses a deep burgundy hue and imparts the exquisite color and flavor that define this timeless cocktail. In French, blackcurrants are known as “Cassis”. If you’re interested in learning more about Cassis liqueur, additional information can be found below. Always choose Gabriel Boudier !
  • Crémant de Bourgogne : always opt for a Crémant de Bourgogne Brut when preparing this cocktail, as it effectively balances the sweet taste of the Crème de Cassis. The term “Brut” in means “dry”, it is the recommended “dosage” to select since it will be mixed with a sweet liqueur. Of course a Crémant de Bourogogne from André Delorme !
  • Garnish: A classic garnish option is some berries or a lemon twist. Alternatively, flowers make delightful additions for an appealing presentation.

How to prepare your Kir Royale :

  1. Prior to making the cocktail, ensure that the glasses and your Crémant de Bourgogne are properly chilled
  2. Take a chilled glass and pour 1 volume of Crème de Cassis, which serves as the base ingredient for the cocktail
  3. Tilt the flute slightly to create an angle, and slowly pour 5 volumes of Crémant de Bourgogne.
  4. To add an appealing touch, garnish the cocktail with a few fresh red or black berries
  5. Now, it’s time to savor and enjoy your delightful Andre Delorme Kir Royale !

What is Crème de Cassis de Dijon ?

Crème de Cassis de Dijon is a French protected appellation fruit liqueur that’s made in Dijon from blackcurrants, which are small, purple berries that have a sweet and tart flavor. Blackcurrants are beloved in Europe (much of the plants are grown there) and many are grown in Bourgogne.

To make Crème de Cassis de Dijon, the blackcurrants are macerated in alcool, then the slow addition of sugar make it a specific type of liqueur with more concentration, the “Crème”. Our favorite brand is of course Gabriel Boudier, the iconic maker of this delicious Crème de Dijon.

Gabriel Boudier is a family-owned Cassis house in Dijon and has been producing since 1874. The flavor is amazing! You can drink Crème de Cassis straight, or on the rocks, as an aperitif.

What’s the difference between a Kir and a Kir Royale ?

A Kir cocktail is a combination of Crème de Cassis and dry white wine. A Kir Royale is Crème de Cassis and Crémant de Bourgogne.

According to history, both the Kir and the Kir Royale were named by its creator, a French Chanoine (priest) named Félix Kir. He was a hero in the French Resistance during World War II, as well as the Mayor of Dijon from 1945 to 1968.

How to store Crème de Cassis ?

Prior to opening keep Crème de Cassis stored in a cool dry place. Once the bottle is opened store it in the refrigerator, well closed to prevent oxidation.

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